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Morneau Shepell: AUS mental health score highest in 9 months

Morneau Shepell’s latest monthly Mental Health Index report, reveals highest mental health score among Australians in nine months

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Morneau Shepell is a leading provider of total wellbeing, mental health and digital mental health services. The organisation has released its latest monthly Mental Health Index which revealed the highest mental health score among Australians in nine months. 

Although both anxiety and optimism are still trending below the pre-2020 benchmark, the findings do highlight significant improvements.

“As the pandemic continues to create new workplace models around the world, it’s important to acknowledge that there has been a significant shift in employee expectations over the last nine months. While we see improvements, it is important to note that we are still seeing a decline in psychological health across the country, demonstrating a critical need for employers to continue doing everything possible to support employee wellbeing. Employers must continue sharing resources, encouraging virtual collaboration, allowing flexibility and engaging in proactive communication to ensure employees feel supported in today’s ever-evolving workplace,” commented Jamie MacLennan, managing director, Australia and APAC.

Concerns about the impact of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Australians report that they are seeing the impact it is having on others, including their co-workers. 

  • Overall 34% of respondents reported that they were concerned about their co-workers mental health
  • 33% of supervisors indicated they had concerns about their employees mental health
  • 34% of Australians reported that job uncertainty was the most stressful part of adapting at work, while 33% identified health and safety protocols, and 26% interacting with the public

“While Australia has moved in a positive direction in the control of COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic remains. Job insecurity remains as do concerns about a return to increased infection rates. We still have a way to go toward stabilisation. One of the positive things about the pandemic is that many reached out for support and took action to increase their sense of control. This needs to continue,” added Paula Allen, global leader and senior vice president, research and total wellbeing.

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