Corporate Finance

Janet Brice|Jan 21, 2021|magazine

8 min read

Bain Luxury Study: Covid ravages luxury retail

Read NowThe 19th edition of the Bain Luxury Study analyses the impact of the pandemic on the global luxury goods industry and its future outlook

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Leadership & Strategy

PwC reveals Global Economic Trends forecast for 2021

18 01, 2021Magazine5 min read
Niranjan Gidwani, Independent Consultant Director and Former CEO of Eros Group
17 01, 2021Magazine18 min read
11 01, 2021Magazine4 min read

Corporate Finance

Bain Luxury Study: Covid ravages luxury retail

21 01, 2021Magazine8 min read
06 01, 2021Magazine4 min read
Janet Brice
05 01, 2021Magazine9 min read

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Asendia: top 10 supply chain insights and trends

Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia Pacific, Asendia
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Mark Sherman, Managing Partner at global VC firm Telstra Ventures
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Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison
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Huawei recognised for data center and cloud networking

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Janet Brice
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Janet Brice
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Digital Strategy

Frost & Sullivan: Realising supply chain potential in India

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Human Capital

McKinsey: Reskilling China for digitised economy by 2030

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KFC/Pizza Hut launch new plastic reduction initiatives

05 01, 2021Magazine6 min read
Shreemati Varadarajan, head of investments at AAM Advisory, (part of Quilter plc)
26 12, 2020Magazine9 min read
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