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Intelligent Wave & Solace develop next-gen payment platforms

Intelligent Wave Inc. and Solace partner to develop next-generation payment platforms in Japan

|Oct 19|magazine4 min read

In an announcement made by Solace , the company has furthered its partnership with Intelligent Wave Inc. to develop next generation payment platforms in Japan.

The aim of the partnership is to help Japanese financial institutions to provide seamless payment experiences for customers.

"We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Solace to help modernize the payment processing systems for our customers, who provide mission-critical services in the financial services industry," commented Tsukasa Iseki, CEO, IWI. 

"By enabling smarter capacity planning and on-demand scaling, Solace's messaging infrastructure brings about unparalleled performance and reliability to the payment systems of today."

The two organisations have been working together since 2013, to provide Japan with innovative IT infrastructure solutions for the financial services sector. The two organisations will continue in their ambitions to provide a robust technology foundation that can support the increase in demand for contactless payments.

"Our partnership with IWI has helped established leaders modernize their existing systems and helped newcomers enter the payments market quickly. Consumers in Japan are the biggest benefactor as they can now better enjoy the convenience of cashless settlements," added Kent Nash, general manager, Middle East, Asia Pacific & Japan, Solace. 

"We are thrilled to be working with a partner like IWI, which has a strong presence in the market. Japan is known to be a cash-loving population. Through our partnership, we hope to truly bring the benefits of a cashless economy to more consumers and encourage a higher adoption of such services,” he concluded.

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