Top 10 Insights and Trends for 2021

Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison
|Jan 20|magazine2 min read

10. Buy-in and greater support from governments

The true game-changing economic efficiency of these platforms needs to be recognised by governments. Governments in developing regions, such as those in Africa need to recognise the huge innovation developing in online learning which cannot only drive a more productive economy and a more equitable society but save some enormous and unnecessary annual expenditure on traditional education.

By partnering with e-learning platforms to provide increased access to the internet through the provision of devices and broadband infrastructure, governments can connect learners with virtually unlimited and dynamic educational resources. Alison has already set up a number of successful learning centres in developing areas if governments recognise and support these initiatives the potential impact is massive. Business models such as Alison’s, that prioritise empowering learners over the profiting need to be the focus of governments and will subsequently lead to the greatest positive economic impact.