PwC: Top 10 incentives to invest in APAC data centre markets

Janet Brice
|Jan 20|magazine2 min read

10. Market entry and expansion approach

There are a number of approaches to enter and expand in Asia Pacific’s data centre space. 

PwC has observed a number of greenfield investments in the region. “Tech giants such as Alibaba and Google have begun ramping up their investment in building data centres across the region, such as in Singapore,” comment PwC. 

Examples of greenfield investment in Singapore: 

  • Digital realty opened its second data centre in Singapore 
  • Alibaba established a data centre 
  • Google invested in building its second data centre in Singapore

“Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have also been considered as one of the faster expansion approaches Several global players such as Digital Realty have looked at M&A as a way to grow in the region.

“We expect M&A activity to ramp up going forward with local/regional players requiring funding to grow and expand,” concludes PwC.