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Vodafone launches mobile IoT network in Melbourne

Addie Thomes
|Oct 11|magazine5 min read

Telecoms heavyweight Vodafone has launched its commercial Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network in Melbourne, the first operator in Australia to do so.

The network is built to connect devices with low bandwidth requirements, and opens up the possibility of numerous app developments to help the shift towards smarter living.

Vodafone will continue to expand its NB-IoT network to select areas of Sydney and Canberra during December, before rolling out to other areas of Australia next year.


Stuart Kelly, Vodafone’s Executive General Manager of Enterprise, said: “NB-IoT offers customers a range of benefits including greater power efficiency, with devices able to run on batteries for 10 years or more on a single charge.

“This means there is less need for investment in hardware and resources relating to sourcing and replacing batteries. The result is increased longevity for assets, reducing the need for site visits while devices are being used in the field.”

Vodafone is testing the new network with two new clients – Metasphere, a network management solutions provider, and CCP Technologies, a company specialising in management software for the food industry.

Kelly added: “Australians will see a huge variety of products, services and applications enabled by NB-IoT over the coming years as more carriers, vendors, utilities and commercial organisations roll out and harness the benefits of this new way of connecting devices. This will enable society to become smarter and more efficient, massively benefiting the general public as well as businesses.”