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Vodafone and Nokia share vision of New Zealand’s 5G future

Addie Thomes
|Mar 27|magazine5 min read

Major tech players Vodafone and Nokia have showcased their vison of a 5G future in New Zealand at an event in Auckland.

Vodafone says that by leveraging existing network infrastructure, 5G network upgrades will pave the way for a huge range of high-speed and high-capacity applications to happen easily over wireless networks.

It predicts that the likes of driverless cars, robots and live virtual reality will become commonplace in years to come.

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Partnering with Nokia, Vodafone recently trialled a 5G connection at its InnoV8 Auckland headquarters. Applications included low-latency robots, live virtual reality performances and the world’s first gaming tournament over 5G, the game in question being League of Legends.

Vodafone Chief Executive Russell Stanners said: “As 5G is an incremental upgrade to our existing mobile network, these services will be deployed throughout New Zealand in both urban and rural settings – opening up a world of possibility for digital innovation everywhere.”

This is not the first collaboration between Vodafone and Nokia on mobile networks.

In February, the two companies announced they were working together on a 4G network that would be based on the Moon.

They say the base station should be able to broadcast 4G using the 1800MHz frequency band and send back the first ever live HD video feed of the Moon's surface.