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Virgin jumps on board Apple Passbook

|Sep 20|magazine4 min read

As the first Australian airline to release the product, Virgin Australia aims to streamline their Mobile Check-in and boarding processes. Much to the delight of those who have already reordered the latest Apple offering, the new iPhone 5 is as yet the only device that supports this service.

Streamlining the traveller’s necessities, Passbook is an innovative new application that makes the Mobile Check-in and boarding processes much smoother. Like a digital wallet, the system means you no longer have to search through your wallet or carry-on case for your boarding pass.

How Passbook works:

• After completing Mobile Check-in you'll be sent a SMS link to your boarding pass.

• Click the link and open your boarding pass.

• If you have iOS6, a pop-up will ask you to add your boarding pass to Passbook.

• Click “Add” and your boarding pass will be stored in your Passbook.

• When ready to board your flight, a Passbook alert will appear on your lock screen.

• Unlock your phone and open Passbook.

• Passbook will automatically retrieve the boarding pass to your flight.

• Make your way to the airport gate and present this boarding pass to board.

Aside from boarding passes, Passbook can hold all manner of documents, from cinema tickets to membership cards, vastly reducing the credentials needed about your person. Is this a glimpse perhaps of the not too distant future, where our everyday lives revolve around mobile technology?

With contactless payment already in existence (albeit not on the new iPhone), and Passbook replacing the hand bag, this future reality is not too far off.

Those who aren’t ready to fork out for the new iPhone 5 can obtain Passbook by simply updating their operating system to iOS6. Passbook is supported by iPhones dating back to iPhone 3GS.