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Virgin Australia reveals its latest tech additions, including incorporating machine learning in its app

Galia Ilan
|Sep 28|magazine6 min read

Virgin Australia has unveiled its latest technology innovations, which include new additions to its app and working with Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

The carrier has developed software for its app, incorporating machine learning and adding features such as 3D maps and the ability to share information about flights.

Virgin Airlines is reportedly collaborating with other carriers to develop an integrated app that customers across several airlines can use.

“Starting from this week, our customer-facing Virgin Australia app will have additional functionality, such as improved three-dimensional airport terminal maps,” Rob Sharp, Group Executive of Virgin Australia, informed the Trans-Tasman Business Circle.


“From October, guests will have the ability to share flight information with family and friends and around Christmas time, new payment options and enhanced notification alerts regarding your scheduled travel itinerary are scheduled to be available!”

“Later this year, we will also be delivering airport terminal augmented reality wayfinding leveraging Augmented Reality technologies. This will make it much easier to navigate through complex airports such as LAX.”

The airline is also working with Amazon to update the software and add more of the firm’s features.

Users will be able to find information from the assistant, such as flight status, boarding information, and rewards points.

Virgin Australia is currently developing its new domestic terminal at Melbourne Airport, where it is including self-serving kiosks and automatic bag handling systems.

By featuring new technologies, the company intends to reduce airport queues and make the travelling experience more efficient.