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Vibrating Tattoos

|Mar 21|magazine5 min read

There will be no ignoring that phone call, SMS or morning meeting alert if Nokia’s pending patent for a vibrating tattoo is approved.

Using ferromagnetic material that is sprayed, tattooed or stamped onto the user’s skin, the ‘apparatus’ can detect a magnetic field and transfer ‘stimulus’ alerts when a notification pops up on the user’s mobile, according to the Huffington Post.

Much like a ringtone or text tone, the user would also be able to customise a particular vibration pattern by which they would be alerted.

News.com.au also reported that the tattoo would serve as a security barrier, where certain information would be omitted from the screen if the incorrect user attempted to use the device.


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Link it to your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, even your game console – that tingling sensation running up your arm will ensure that you never miss a single notification ever again.

The patent was filed in September 2011, and though other companies are considering similar technologies, Nokia’s competitive advantage is that the tattoo would be required to be semi-permanent.