UXC Connect: Successful Businesses Must Evolve with a Dynamic Marketplace

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|Aug 3|magazine5 min read

The rapid speed at which business and technology continue to evolve means that every company is under pressure to become more agile, productive and fast-moving. Organisations need to respond faster to unexpected events, reconfigure capability at high speed to address new opportunities and make business processes increasingly flexible to accommodate new forms of working, communicating and collaborating. 

Organisations also need to minimise costs, time and disruption associated with upgrading, deploying and managing new functionality. The ability to reconfigure, vary and extend technology platforms needs to be embedded in the organisation to facilitate business change and growth. 

According to Ian Poole, CEO, UXC Connect, the move from traditional wired connectivity to an always-connected, ubiquitous wireless workforce coupled with the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. 

Ian Poole said, “The increasing number of devices and associated apps encourage collaboration, particularly in the area of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C). Being able to introduce widespread UC&C processes lets organisations implement activity-based working, which in turn leads to improved work-life balance for staff. This improves engagement, increases productivity and real-time decision making, and reduces travel costs and real estate bills. 

“Leveraging data generated through daily business activities using the IoT to increase productivity and efficiency requires fast analysis of data for risk management, operational intelligence, business intelligence and business processes.” 

“All of this ultimately leads to sustainability and growth for businesses that get it right.” 

About UXC Connect 
UXC Connect is a business unit of UXC Limited, Australia’s largest locally owned IT services and solutions company. UXC Connect designs, delivers and supports technology solutions that help solve business issues.