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Telstra showcases first 5G-ready device, the HTC 5G Hub

Sarah Smith
|Dec 6|magazine4 min read

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra has unveiled its first 5G-ready device in partnership with HTC, the HTC 5G Hub

Lauding the work conducted at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast, Executive of Network Engineering Channa Seneviratne said via Telstra Exchange that the new device is the first 5G mid-band device in the world to connect to a 5G network.

“HTC is leading a new wave of mobile innovation with 5G technology that paves the way for a more connected future,” said Cher Wang, Chairman and CEO of HTC, in the Telstra Exchange post. “We’re proud to work with Telstra to bring 5G to Australia and to showcase one of the first instances of live 5G in the world.”

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Seneviratne added that Telstra is continuing its gradual rollout of its 5G network across Australia, aiming to begin 5G operations at a total of 200 base stations by the end of 2018.

“When we think about the future of 5G, we’re only just starting to experience the promise and potential of our new networks,” he said.

“We’ve hit milestones for data and video calls, but the real future capability lies in transformative technologies like the Internet of Things, smart cities, and autonomous connected cars.”