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Spark sets up enterprise security business, emulates government model

Addie Thomes
|Apr 11|magazine4 min read

New Zealand telco Spark has launched an enterprise version of the security solutions it provides to several government agencies.

The company says it is responding to demand from businesses which are seeking services along the lines of those deployed for government, such as internet, application publishing, managed firewalls, messaging and remote services, among others.

Head of Spark Security Josh Bahlman said: “Cyber threat is a top concern for Kiwi enterprises, expanding our offering provides businesses with the best possible defence in depth model.”

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The so-called hacking economy is an increasingly lucrative business, thought now to be worth more than $500bn.

Data of all kinds has a dollar value attached to it and, despite a range of end-based customer protection tools, the number of attacks, and the impact of those attacks are still growing.

Bahlman added: “As a result of these changes, security is a beast not to be tackled alone. With over 100 security professionals whose focus is 100% security, a strong investment in new security technologies, and the only commercial New Zealand member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), Spark can provide extensive access to global threat intelligence sources and provide businesses with high quality protection.”