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Samsung/Insider develop AI solutions for customer behaviour

Insider announces its partnership with Samsung to develop the capability to predict customer behaviour with AI

|Sep 23|magazine4 min read

In a recent announcement made by Insider, the company has reported its latest partnership with Smasung to develop the capability to predict future customer behaviour, and provide individual experiences with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The partnership was formed due to the two companies’ shared vision to: “deliver innovation that caters to the changing needs of the users.” Together the two companies aim to redesign multichannel experiences that incorporate emerging channels and AI technology. 

"Samsung represents cutting-edge technology, top-notch experiences as well as embracing the customer needs of the future. Our growth partnership with Samsung will give us the opportunity to redesign online experiences by continuously incorporating the latest AI technologies and emerging channels to raise the bar in multichannel customer experiences. Tapping into real-time customer intelligence across channels and leveraging AI-based micro-segmentation capabilities will provide Samsung with the agility and precision they need to individualize and optimize digital experiences," commented Hande Cilingir, CEO and Co-founder at Insider.

Currently samsung works with Insider to provide brands with multichannel customer journeys to drive sales and loyalty. Such brands include UNIQLO, New Balance, Toyota, Mediamarkt, Estee Lauder, Virgin, Avon, AVIS, Marks & Spencer, Dominos, Nissan, BBVA, IKEA and CNN. 

The 800+ top brands that Insider’s Growth Management Platform helps, provides the capabilities to drive digital growth with individualised multichannel experiences by utilising AI.

Samsung itself has also benefited from Insider’s solutions. Specifically its AI interest clustering technology, which enabled Samsung to achieve a 275% conversion uplift for its QLED TV, as well as an overall conversion rate of 10%.

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