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New Zealand aviation authorities to monitor US 3D scanners with plans to implement the technology

Galia Ilan
|Sep 10|magazine4 min read

New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed it will be monitoring the United State’s implementation of 3D scanners at airports with the intentions of introducing the technology in the future.

The CT 3D checkpoint scanners have been introduced in order to cut the time associated with security queues in airports.

The technology was submitted to a trial in 2017, which was deemed successful, and subsequently the US’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has launched in the scanners in airports, following nations such as the Netherlands.


“We will be closely monitoring the results of those trials to inform longer term decision making about potential concepts and developments for the screening of passengers and carry on baggage in New Zealand,” stated a Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson.

The carry-on luggage scanners have been used in the medical industry for years – used to detect cancerous cells in the body.