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New Zealand AI firm Aider launches new AI assistant for business insights

Sarah Smith
|Dec 5|magazine5 min read

Aider, an AI-focused tech firm based in Auckland, New Zealand, has launched its new AI platform designed to offer business insights for companies in Australasia

Created specifically for small businesses, the Aider platform has been undergoing beta testing in Australia over the past year.

In the firm’s press release, Co-Founder Brendan Roberts said:

"We believe that AI is in the process of changing how the world of commerce operates and we want to make this technology readily available to small businesses." 

The platform enables businesses to gather insights and action business processes in real-time, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for firms to adopt the technology.

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Via natural language processing, the app can offer information on sales, inventory, bills, and many more business-specific factors with detail as broad or specific as the user requires.

"Aider is unique in the way it brings all the essential information together in an easily understood format, all beginning with a simple conversation," said Pete Weaver, Aider Co-Founder, in the press release. 

"Traditionally, AI has been inaccessible except to large businesses. Aider changes that - in turn giving small businesses an edge to be even more successful, however they define that."

The press release added that Aider will expand beyond Australasian markets in 2019 as well as exploring verticals beyond its current offering in hospitality and retail.