MoneyBrain develops AI English tutor service

MoneyBrain announces the launch of its customised artificial intelligence (AI) English tutor service - SpeakNow

|Sep 14|magazine4 min read

In an announcement made by MoneyBrain, the company has reported the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) tutor service known as SpeakNow. 

SpeakNow provides 1 on 1 customised speech learning with AI tutors, for those wanting to learn English. The launch follows its success of topping the Google Play Store education category after two months of launching its SpeakNow Kids app. 

SpeakNow was developed using video synthesis technology, with the help of domestic and foreign researchers. The app has been programmed to have local native speakers in the video, providing users with the illusion that they are learning English from real people, unlike traditional 3D characters.

In addition, SpeakNow uses MoneyBrain’s real time video technology. The technology enables AI tutors to create more than 80,000 sentences in real time, and is ordered by the highest American usage. Other features include curriculums and vocabulary books, to allow those ranging from beginners to high-level learning English.

Features to come will include AI tutors with various origins and genders depending on the learners preference, as well as current role models and public figures.

MoneyBrain’s ambition is to provide a safe environment for anyone struggling to learn English due to the restrictions on face to face education as a result of COVID-19. 

"SpeakNow, launched by MoneyBrain, is an innovative AI service that can improve English conversation skills without time and place constraints, and we are determined to continue to make a big difference in English education,” commented Jang Se-young, CEO of MoneyBrain.

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