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Mobile-friendly websites are a must this holiday

|Nov 23|magazine7 min read

A quarter of Santa’s secret shoppers are being shut out of Australian businesses lacking mobile-friendly websites, according to recent data Google released. Four out of five businesses lack this shopping medium that 25 per cent of shopping-related searches are done. Nonetheless, it’s not too late to jump aboard this sleigh ride and create a smartphone-friendly website that shoppers will peruse.

The most important retail period of the year is the holiday season, so Google A/NZ Head of Retail, Ross McDonald, is ripping the wrapping paper off Christmas shopping trends in Australia and their connection to smartphone usage for businesses.

“Our data shows that this Christmas, more people than ever will be looking for you on mobile phones,” McDonald said. “But Christmas is a marathon, not a sprint, which means it’s not too late to be early – yet.”



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McDonald’s recommendations include a “mobile health check.” A business can log-on to www.howtogomo.com and figure out how its website looks on mobile devices. It also provides a report about what is working and what could use some improving.

Next, McDonald recommends a business figuring out what it wants customers to do on mobile devices, like finding and using the site. Google’s www.howtogomo.com offers six ready-for-mobile templates.

“Studies show that customers often use their smartphones to research, call, and visit physical businesses,” McDonald said. “That means that for many retailers, the best thing to do is create a mobile-friendly landing page with focus on the basics, like location, hours and contact information.”

Businesses should also consider mobile ads. Google advises building a mobile ad strategy around what customers want. Determine the best way to reach customers when they are using a mobile device. Hyperlocal ads can alert customers when they are near a business, suggesting they pop-in and shop.

Follow these easy tips, and you’ll keep your business on the nice list to be a hotspot for Christmas shoppers this holiday season.