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MGM Wireless to supply 800-plus Western Australian schools with messaging app service

Tom Wadlow
|Sep 25|magazine4 min read

Adelaide’s MGM Wireless has won its biggest ever contract after securing a deal with to supply all public schools in Western Australia with a new messaging app.

The rollout will spread to more than 800 schools in the region, building on the communications work already carried out by MGM in WA schools, a contract signed back in 2007.

The new messaging app is designed to help improve communication between schools and parents, particularly in cases of emergencies when parents need to be immediately alerted of an incident.


MGM, yet to disclose financial details of the deal, said in a statement: “The exact positive impact to revenue is not possible to forecast but has the potential to be significant.

“Additional income will be derived through increased in-app message traffic, which will in turn depend on the number of schools that use the new services and the way in which they use them.”

MGM’s share price boomed by 66% on announcement of the news.