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Kiwis to trial Facebook Timeline

|Dec 6|magazine3 min read

Facebook users in New Zealand will 'like' this: the nation will become the first in the world to experience the social network website's 'Timeline' feature when it becomes available in the next 24 hours.

The team will monitor more than two million Kiwi users' experience with the new program to determine Timeline's development, speed and performance before debuting the feature to the world - nearly three months behind schedule.

"The real goal here is to get it to another population which is far away from our data centres," said Project Manager Sam Lessin on how New Zealand was chosen as the beta region. Its geographic location was deemed far enough from the US to ensure potential issues with the new program could be accurately monitored.

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Timeline will alter user's profiles with a different layout, the ability to "jump back" in time, increased privacy controls, and the ability to further engage in your friend's activities, shown in depth from the past month.