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Google Docs App Introduced on Android

|Apr 29|magazine6 min read

Written BY: M.mcnamara

Google has launched an app for its Android OS platform that will allow users to access and edit documents in the popular Google Docs tool. Until now, the only way to edit Google Docs and spreadsheets was through a mobile browser-based interface.

“With this new app it’s easy to filter and search for your content across any Google account, then jump straight into editing docs using the online mobile editors. The app also allows you to easily share items with contacts on your phone, right from within the app,” Google said on its blog Wednesday.

The Docs app also allows you to upload content from your phone and open documents directly from Gmail. You can also add a widget to your home screen for easy access to three core tasks: jumping to your starred documents, taking a photo to upload, or creating a new document with one tap.

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The most innovative feature of the Google Docs app? It lets users take pictures of text and automatically convert them into a Google document using optical-character recognition. You can also convert photos already stored on your phone by sharing them with the Google Docs app.

The Google Docs app is not available on any other platform, including Apple’s OS, which will give Google an advantage when selling its online services to businesses that use Google tools. This is the latest tool Google introduced for the business sector. Among the latest is the Google Contacts Lookup that lets users type or speak the name or email address of any user in their organization to look them up on their phone.