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Fluccs buys up East Coast data companies in bid to strengthen Australian industry

Addie Thomes
|Sep 5|magazine5 min read

Brisbane’s cloud services company, Fluccs, has completed the acquisition of three new businesses along the East Coast as it seeks to keep the Australian data market competitive against offshore alternatives.

The acquisition of Exigent Australia, Virtual DataCentre and 10TB Servers will extend the company’s ability to serve Australian and international businesses, not-for-profit, corporate and government clients.

It is thought that the new purchases will add around 50% to Fluccs’ revenues.


Angus Thomson, Founder and CEO of Fluccs, said: “We are excited to be growing in the face of international corporations expanding into Australia. We strongly believe there will always be a place for Australian companies that provide local service from local infrastructure.

“The addition of Exigent Australia clients and infrastructure into the Fluccs family further increases our service capability and means we can continue to offer high quality, reliable services at extremely competitive price points.”

Fluccs servers are located at NEXTDC’s flagship Data Centre “B1” in Brisbane. B1 is Queensland’s most fibre-connected commercial Data Centre, benefiting from the diverse fibre-network infrastructure in the Brisbane CBD. The Exigent Australia acquisition adds servers located at Equinix Data Centres in Sydney and Melbourne.