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Defence, athletes talk IT

|Mar 11|magazine3 min read
The workshop, launched today by Kate Ellis, Sports Minister and Warren Snowdon, Defence Science and Personnel Minister, aims to examine the correlation between preparing top-notch athletes for competition and high-performance soldiers for combat.

The workshop comprises representatives from the Defence Science Technology Organisation, CSIRO, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), National Information Communication Technology Australia, industry and academia.

Topics for discussion include how certain equipment are design and technologies used to improve nutrition.

“This collaboration will study, amongst other things, injury prevention, remote monitoring and performance in extreme environments, and will give us good science to underpin our future decision-making,” Mr Snowdon said in a statement.
“The AIS has been getting the best out of Australian athletes for over 25 years, and is the ideal venue for the first Frontiers of Human Performance workshop,” Ms Ellis said.

“Applying new ideas and technologies to sport will give our athletes a tremendous competitive advantage leading into the 2008 Beijing Olympics and beyond,” she said.