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Corporate Web Stalking? HR Recruiting Via Social Media

|Apr 26|magazine8 min read

Teachers need to clean up their Facebook profiles. For those looking to move from the unemployed educators pool to the paid head of the classroom position, profile pictures featuring beer bong chugging, the wearing of oversized neon plush hats, or unintentional naps in bushes, should be deleted with haste. Why? Well according to a recent study conducted by Bullhorn Reach – an online social recruiting software force – the number one web avenue to recruit potential staff in education, non-profit work, or advertising is Facebook.

The study sought to breakdown which social media sites Australian employers use to recruit candidates, in relation to their specific markets by conducting a survey of 35,000 people’s use of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruiting purposes.  

 Australian employment via social media has seen a significant increase in the last few years, as employers can scan a user’s profile, and quickly eliminate inappropriate candidate matches from a comfortable cyber distance. However, certain professions prefer more professional distance, even in their preference of social media sites.

Employers in the hospitality, health, law and defense markets prefer to utilize the strictly professional environment of LinkedIn. Not surprising for industries where professionalism ranks as a top priority for hiring candidates.


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While Facebook and LinkedIn have both found confident sectors that utilize them as hiring markets, so has Twitter, who corrals in the most candidates in the Retail sector. Based on the amount of salespeople seen texting on showroom floors, this comes as no big shocker.

All in all, it is important for business owners to know where their future candidates are looking for jobs on the web, as nurturing these online relationships could be the best step ever in ensuring quality employment matches. Here is a chart detailing the specific results: