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Is Apple acquiring 'magic keyboard' creator?

Pieter Vosloo
|Oct 14|magazine4 min read

With the news that Apple is reportedly in acquisition talks with Sonder Design, we take a look at the Sydney-based ‘magic keyboard’ creator.

Here are nine of the most interesting things we discovered about the keyboard - and its creators:

  1. Sonder was founded by brothers Francisco and Felipe Serra-Martins.
  2. The company has designed the world’s first keyboard to use the same E Ink display technology as Kindle.
  3. The keyboard, with built-in rehchargeable battery, is fully customisable, meaning you can switch from QWERTY to DVORAK, and use multiple languages.
  4. Users can create whatever combination of keys and shortcuts they prefer – from emoticons to text.
  5. Macros can be created, with a custom icon, avoiding the need for complex sequences of commands to the touch of a single keystroke.
  6. The keyboard is lit, so you can even type in the dark, should the desire strike you.
  7. There is a Sonder community, so users can share their creations with others.
  8. Foxconn, ATP Innovations and E Ink Holdings are all supporters and sponsors of Sonder.
  9. The keyboard is available to pre-order at US$199.

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