Teys Australia’s sustainable approach to meat processing features in this month’s Business Chief ANZ and CSO magazines


|Sep 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

In this month’s issue, Business Chief ANZ and CSO Magazine profile Teys Australia. Amelia Simony, Group Environment Manager at the business, Tom Maguire, Chief Value Chain Officer and Carl Duncan, Group Manager, Resource Efficiency, all discuss the sustainable journey of meat from farm to fork.

Maguire highlights the importance of sustainability for Teys, in all senses. “It makes good business sense,” he says. “However, it becomes a social licence issue when in fact if we communicate better we can drive purchasing decisions in a high valve market.”

Sustainability is also of ever-increasing importance to consumers. “The perception of happy healthy cattle is becoming increasingly important to beef consumers,” says Duncan. “Today’s consumer is very conscious about the provenance of their produce and wants supply chain transparency.”

To secure that level of sustainability, the use of technology is crucial. “Our producer feedback is specifically tailored to assist cattle suppliers in improving their business,” explains Duncan. “From x-ray imaging to connecting producers and consumers through digital pathways, our future in this space is exciting. As we transition to a low carbon economy we continue to invest in energy, water and renewable energy projects such as our Low Emissions Energy Hub at Teys Wagga.”

You can read more in the magazine.