Telkom Group Indonesia features in the Asia Pacific issue of Business Chief


|Dec 6|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/12/2018)

As one of Asia’s foremost mobile-first nations, with close to 72% of internet traffic originating from mobile devices and around 215mn internet users expected by 2020, Indonesia’s digital economy is one of incredible potential. If unlocked, this potential will establish Indonesia as the biggest digital economy in South East Asia that is projected to reach US$130bn in 2020. Indonesia will be Asia’s next digital powerhouse.

As the biggest digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, Telkom understands the role it will play. It has embarked on an ambitious transformation journey that will see the company become ‘the king of digital in the region’ and ‘lead Indonesian digital innovation and globalisation’.

“A new digital era is upon us here in Indonesia,” says Abdus Somad Arief, Director of Wholesale and International Service of Telkom. “We prepared for the inevitability of this digital wave of business around five years ago, now we are not only talking about connectivity and legacy.

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