Sun Life Financial features in the Asia Pacific edition of Business Chief


|Nov 6|magazine2 min read

(Norwich, UK, 6/11/2018)

Sun Life services close to one million clients and has a multi-distribution network of more than 9,400 insurance advisors across Indonesia, serviced through a network of 132 conventional and 49 shariah marketing offices.

Over the past decade, every industry has seen dramatic changes and the life insurance industry is no exception to this digital disruption.

Ashvin S. Uttamsingh, Sun Life’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Indonesia, has witnessed this changing client and evolving landscape first hand. Traditionally, IT was a support function, ensuring system stability and availability it acted as an order executer. Today, IT teams are business partners that add real value. “We’re now technology evangelists,” says Uttamsingh. “IT is now part of the solution and we are now bringing opportunities and solutions to existing core business problems.”

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