Solis RE: community-driven innovation during Australia’s energy transition


|Dec 10|magazine5 min read

(Norwich, UK, 10/12/2019)

BizClik Media announces the publication of its company profile on Solis Renewable Energy (Solis RE) in the December 2019 issue of Business Chief ANZ.

In a country that’s no stranger to sunshine, Solis RE’s Executive Director and co-Founder, King Arthur, believes the best opportunities to capitalise on this quality for efficient solar electricity generation has historically been squandered. “A lot of people have built big solar farms in the sunniest parts of Victoria, the sunniest parts of Australia up in Queensland, but they don’t have the infrastructure to support it and they don’t have the energy demand close to where they’re based. Therefore, you have to transmit the power over hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres, and you lose energy all the way along that transmission line,” he explains. With a dedication to sites with access to the grid for easy transmission, along with community-focused design, Solis RE is establishing a model for Australia’s energy transition that puts efficiency and people at its core.

The company has been selected to develop the Gippsland Renewable Energy Energy Park, an enormous undertaking that will leverage multiple renewable energy sources and a state-of-the-art battery system to generate a staggering amount of clean energy. This project, as with others in Solis RE’s portfolio, is being undertaken with the support of local communities, leveraging the symbiosis to benefit all stakeholders whilst easing the move away from traditional energy sources. “[The project is] about 23km2 in terms of space, and for something like that to get dropped into a community you obviously need to have a lot of community support and community benefit,” says Arthur. “We went out to all of the large business and community groups before we even considered what was going to be in the park to hear about their issues and discuss how we could address them.”

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