SIMEC Energy Australia: changing the energy game


|Sep 12|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

Australia’s energy sector is rapidly adapting to the growing demands of both consumers and the environment for more sustainable operations. SIMEC Energy Australia is no different, answering the call to arms with a rigorous solar strategy and innovative battery projects. “All facets of society are aware of climate change, with the majority accepting that humankind has played its part in bringing about global warming,” explains Marc Barrington, CEO of SIMEC Energy Australia, in his interview with Business Chief ANZ and CSO. 

“The energy sector globally remains a large emitter of greenhouse gasses and everyone from investors to consumers of energy are aware of this. At the same time, energy prices have continued to rise, to a large extent driven by the ageing nature of Australia’s in-situ thermal generation plants.

“Operating a sustainable energy company like SIMEC Energy Australia means we can present solutions to many of these issues by enabling the transition from older – and sometimes less reliable – fossil fuel technologies to clean renewable generation, constructing renewable energy portfolios that deliver lower costs for consumers and finally delivering an environmental outcome for society.”

The full details of SIMEC Energy Australia’s transformation in the face of a changing energy landscape can be found in the September issue of Business Chief ANZ.