SCT Logistics: transparency and a commitment to service through digitisation


|Oct 5|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 5/10/2018)

SCT has been on a journey toward digitisation which, despite challenges of providing logistics for the expansive nation of Australia, has never lost site of its values: openness, transparency and a commitment to service excellence.

Having opened two new inland ports in the last year and grown to be one of the largest freight movers from Sydney to Perth, SCT’s growth is driven by new technology solutions like SAP platforms and IoT solutions for truck drivers.

“That journey of transformation through a technology platform is now starting to pay dividends to the business, and year-on-year, I’m successfully taking costs out of the business,” says Group CIO, Sean Atchinson.

In addition, SCT vows not to let automation take away its human touch. “We still have that very personal approach, but technology is an enabler to allow transparency between customers, account execs and account managers,” Atchinson comments.

In the future, SCT will look to further utilise the IT solutions which have gone from an add-on (and indeed a headache) to an integral part of the business model. “The conversation has completely changed,” says Atchinson. “It’s not about ‘time to throw it out’, it’s about ‘we want to do this with our business’.”

You can read more about SCT’s digital transformation in the magazine.