RSC Mining & Mineral Exploration discusses the methods gaining the company traction in the market


|Aug 6|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

This month Managing director René Sterk speaks to us regarding the approach RSC Mining & Mineral Exploration is taking in the industry, which all began with Sterk in 2008. “I had a consulting offer on the table, but it needed a 24-hour decision, so I designed a logo, registered the company in New Zealand and headed out to South Africa to provide technical support at a small gold mine in South Africa.”

An innovative structure and a willingness to engage with clients are just some of the differences helping RSC to stand out. “We really want to add value, not just do the job and send the invoice,” says Sterk. “I have sleepless nights if we’re facing a challenge to deliver on schedule, or if things don’t work out as planned. In this very conventional and crowded mining-service space, that journey, as a point of difference, is important to us. We have a top to bottom structure which is very flat, so we all equally engage with our clients.”

That attitude extends to the environments the company does business in, says Sterk: “We’re one of the very few groups working in the seabed mining environment. It's a secretive space with overlaps with the oil and gas environment, and without public reporting requirements because a lot of this is done in international waters. Our breadth of experience in resource development, seabed sampling expertise, and ability to come up with innovative approaches really adds value here.”

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