Penrhos College’s adaptable approach to technology is profiled in this month’s Business Chief ANZ


|Nov 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/11/2019)

This month’s Business Chief ANZ magazine feature Penrhos College.

Neil Mullally, Director of Information Communication Technology at Penrhos College, discusses how important it is to be adaptable in the digital age in order to stay at the forefront of innovation

The organisation has a focus on STEM, equipping its students for the world of tomorrow. “A Penrhos girl is independent and resilient,” says Mullally. “She is the girl of today, well-prepared and equipped for the challenges of tomorrow. We are committed to providing an education that honours our traditions and Christian values in a climate of technological and global change. Our girls are free to pursue excellence in an environment free from gender stereotypes in the subjects they study, the activities they participate in and the careers they ultimately choose.”

Penrhos is focusing on back of house improvements to streamline its operations. “We’re like any other organisation,” says Mullally. “We have an abundance of tools. The strategy is to take stock of what we have available, and what we actually need to go forwards.” 

The goal of such reorganisation is to ensure all stakeholders receive the best possible experience, as Mullally explains. “We’re highlighting our top twenty processes that we want to review that will provide the best value for us through time, money or efficiency gains, whether that be the customer experience we offer parents accessing our student portal or finance and teaching,” says Mullally. “We want to provide the best experience possible and the people that can provide the best information for us are the people that are using the technology.”

You can read more about Penrhos College’s journey in the magazine or on the website.