Ormond Group’s hospitality digital transformation features in this month’s Business Chief Asia


|Aug 6|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

This month Ormond Group, a Malaysia-based hospitality company, features in Business Chief Asia.

Julian Wong, Chief Technology Officer, details his role in ensuring the group’s hotels meet the technological needs of the modern traveller.

“We realise that the most important priority for any guest is reliable and fast wifi,” says Wong. “That's normally the first thing that guests ask for when they check into a hotel. ‘What is the wifi password? How do I log in?’”

Implementing systems ranging from customer relationship management to property management, Wong is well acquainted with the costs Asian companies face when acquiring technology. “Based on the challenges that we have dealing with vendors in terms of cost, we have evaluated the cost of hiring developers in Asia, developing a system and getting it up and running and it would still be cheaper than buying from Europe,” says Wong. “We would love to look into any possibilities of developing our own hospitality tech in the near future to overcome the various challenges we have, especially when it comes to cost feasibility.”

Despite the technological advancements, the group emphasises that guest experience is the most important aspect. “As a group, we want to provide what is essential to our guests and look at ways of optimising the human touch, not removing it,” says Wong. “Our strategy isn’t to invest in hardware that can date quickly, but to stay focused on software that can enhance our guests’ experience rather than distract from them.”

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