In this month’s Business Chief, Only About Children reveal how digital transformation is assisting childhood learning


|Aug 6|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

This month Sydney-based Only About Children (Oac), an early childhood learning provider, features in Business Chief ANZ and Gigabit magazine.

Andy Luiskandl, Chief Information Officer, tells us about the guidance role IT can and should play within an organisation: “Everybody has to work together to succeed. IT can and should play a stewardship role provided the whole organisation walks the journey together. It's not good enough for just IT or another team to walk that journey or answer for it, everybody needs to.”

To improve the experience of children, families and team members, one measure undertaken by Oac has been to upgrade its networking. “Modern digital networks can be thought of as a human nervous system,” says Luiskandl. “We all know how constraining it can be if our Internet at home is slow or not working at all, and the adverse impact in an organisational context is greater of course – especially if customers are impacted.”

Luiskandl also provides his perspective on the role of CIO and its orientation towards the future. “As CIOs we are temporary stewards who support people as the digital-powered transformation journey unfolds. Our responsibility is ultimately to those that will take over from us, making sure the business is in the best possible condition – certainly when it comes to technology.”

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