In this month’s Business Chief Asia, PT Semen Indonesia discusses digital transformation in the cement industry


|Sep 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

This month, building materials manufacturer PT Semen Indonesia features in Business Chief Asia and Gigabit magazine.

Achmad Tholchah, General Manager, IT, reveals the measures the company is implementing to maintain its market leading position. “Semen Indonesia has considered all opportunities, as well as risks that could make the cement business more challenging,” explains Tholchah. “Through its Marketing and Supply Chain Directorate, we have initiated a series of strategic marketing initiatives to ensure optimal sales volume for the company, as well as strengthening its position as a leader in the domestic market.”

The company is implementing the latest stage of its Internet Communications Technology Master Plan (ICTMP), the main concern of which is “using technology to enhance the customer experience,” says Tholchah. “By shifting our focus and paying more attention to what customers want, service is improved consistently across all touchpoints and channels.”

Tholchah believes that such technological measures are vital for the continuing success of the company. “The success of these projects is critical for us; we can’t afford to fail,” he insists. “We believe it is necessary to adapt to industry 4.0 by enhancing ICT usage to improve the company’s capability in analytics and mobility, as well as utilise social networks and cloud technology.”

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