In this month’s Business Chief Asia, Merchantrade Asia details the digital transformation empowering its services


|Sep 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

This month Merchantrade Asia, a leading Malaysian money services business, features in Business Chief Asia and FinTech magazine.

Chief Technology Officer Zainol Zainuddin is passionate about nurturing an open atmosphere to facilitate excellence in the IT department. “I spend quite a bit of time talking to our staff, figuring out technology challenges or solutions, and the types of technology we can use,” he says. “The old school thought is to first look inward then manage tasks which can be detrimental to knowledge sharing. Cultivating an open communication platform is crucial to maintaining and managing people and expectations.”

Some of the company’s most crucial systems, its customer facing applications, are developed internally, as Zainuddin explains: “Merchantrade owns a software company and most of our applications are built in-house. We have about 120 developers who build the majority of our applications under the Microsoft technology stack.”

Merchantrade Asia’s philosophy requires culture change alongside technology. “Transformation requires the establishment and communication of goals,” says Zainuddin. “Technology transformation can only be successful if the organisation transforms its culture. Above all, ensuring a cultural change along with a technological one should be the message being broadcasted and reinforced regularly.”

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