In this month’s Business Chief Asia, Decathlon discusses the sustainable approach powering its growth in the SEA region


|Sep 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

This month multinational sporting goods business Decathlon features in Business Chief Asia and Supply Chain Digital.

Head of Procurement & Logistics Thao Nguyen details the ways in which Decathlon’s operations are aided by the procurement function. “Procurement is an important part of making sport accessible to the many,” she says. “Local teams based in manufacturing countries are responsible for sourcing and managing the suppliers that produce Decathlon products. Once they are manufactured, Decathlon products are shipped by transport providers right into warehouses, then allocated to stores or directly supplied to customers and users after an online order.”

As Decathlon expands in the region, Nuno Tinoco, Head of Footwear, is conscious that the character of that growth should be conscientious. “‘People, Planet, Profit’ are our watchwords,'' says Tinoco. “For Decathlon, profit is a consequence of having the right people at the right place in a long term sustainable environment. We must preserve our planet and its people to protect our purpose. Profit will be a consequence of that, but that is not our first goal.”

Ultimately, the company is confident that its strategy will prove resilient and successful. “More than 96,000 people in Decathlon are working every day to realise our purpose – sustainably making the benefits and joy of sport accessible to the many,” says Nguyen. “Going into the future, our strategy of empowering people, decentralisation, user centricity and digitalisation will help Decathlon become more agile and better able to adapt to fluctuating environments and answer to the increasingly complex requirements of our customers.”

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