This month in Business Chief we profile the digital transformation of Victoria’s Department of Health & Human Services


|Aug 6|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

Chief Information Officer for the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services, Dr Steve Hodgkinson, speaks to Gigabit and Business Chief and details the Platform+Agile model he credits for the continuing success of its digital transformation.

“The Platform+Agile model is founded on two main ideas,” says Hodgkinson. “Firstly, you can’t be agile unless you start with a robust, scalable and sustainable platform. Secondly public cloud service platforms are faster, more secure, more affordable and simply better in all regards than anything a government agency could ever hope to build or own.”

By relying on the same platforms, Hodgkinson points out that you no longer have to continuously reinvent the wheel. “You have to think of platforms strategically as things that you invest in deeply. When the next use case comes along, the question is not how to solve this by going out to market and choosing a new technology and a new vendor, the question is how to deliver this use case using our strategic platform and the things we have already built and have available.”

Ultimately, it is vital to not be overawed by the task ahead. “People have a propensity to want to try and solve the whole of the problem – until they can see a way to solve for the whole then they don’t even get started,” says Hodgkinson. “The agility that is possible using today’s cloud services platforms means that, as long as you’ve got a sufficient awareness of the big picture and where it can go to, the most important thing is to get started, deliver something and iterate upon it as opposed to agonising forever over trying to solve for the whole integrated solution.”

You can read more about the department’s journey in the magazine.