The Medical City: Empowering the patient experience through digitisation


|Jul 12|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 1/07/2018) Providing cutting-edge health services and housing centres of excellence in wellness and aesthetics, cardiovascular, cancer and regenerative medicine, The Medical City (TMC) has embarked on a digital transformation to improve the patient experience.

Centralising an interconnected ecosystem of hospitals and clinics onto one platform, Group Chief Innovation Officer will strive to empower individuals through the utilisation of new technologies.

“From finding out the treatment for a particular disease, setting an appointment with a doctor of choice, to being informed of the choices available for the type of wellness required is aligned with our value proposition of ‘Patients as Partners,’ he says.

Implementing a robust cloud infrastructure will therefore enable TMC to not only cope with the growing demands of the organisation, but deliver resilience across its disaster recovery strategy and promote scalability. 

“By getting all areas interconnected, we can maximise synergies across the hospital network, without placing increased investment at each site,” he adds.

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