Masan Resources features in the latest issue of Business Chief APAC Magazine


|Sep 5|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 05/09/2018)

Masan Resources has successfully developed the largest tungsten mine in the world, shining the spotlight on Vietnam’s emerging mining space.

Looking across the global mining map, Canada, Australia and Africa dominate the conversation with regards to resource rich geographies and untapped potential. The mining industry is cyclical and that in turn forces companies to look for new resources and new opportunities in new and emerging markets. One such emerging market, is Vietnam.

Vietnam is a mining jurisdiction that is the very definition of untapped potential. With more than 5,000 deposits of more than 60 different types of metals, including 7% of the world’s reserves of bauxite, Vietnam could very well be a major mining market of the future.

In order to turn this possibility into reality, not only will it require investment but smart investment, leadership and a network of international partners to collaborate as part of a platform to drive this market.

This is exactly what Masan Resources strives to achieve. Through the acquisition of a controlling interest in Nui Phao Mining, Masan Resources has worked to significantly develop the Nui Phao Project – the world’s largest tungsten mine.

“We’re the world’s largest tungsten mine, up there as one of the leading fluorspar mines in the world as well as being the largest bismuth mine in the world too,” he says. “But Vietnam has so much untapped potential in terms of people too with quality of life, education and infrastructure all improving.

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