JWS: Digitally transforming the legal industry


|Dec 10|magazine5 min read

(Norwich, UK, 10/12/2019)

Johnson Winter/and Slattery (JWS) is an independent national Australian law firm. JWS advises major Australian and international corporations, investment funds and other clients on challenging transactions and disputes in Australia. In an interview with Business Chief Australia and Gigabit Magazine, Ross Forgione, Chief Information Officer at JWS discusses the company’s digital transformation journey. 

Forgione highlights that JWS’ systems have evolved organically with built-up and built-out layers. During his time at the firm, he has worked to evolve and modernise its layered systems.

Forgione acknowledges that “AI will – for some industries – make the world a better place”, in terms of the legal industry, he sees the application of AI broadening over time with current applications limited to specific tasks, “we are currently investigating how we can use AI and other machine learning-based software tools and services  to enhance the value of our data and improve the ways in which we service our clients,” says Forgione. 

Other areas of innovative technology that Forgione and his team are looking into include the leverage of big data. “We’ve got over 25 years of data which we are now mining and analysing in our innovation incubator to develop useful insights to assist legal practitioners when making decisions.” 

Technology brings significant benefits, however there are challenges to be mindful of too. “As a business you need to identify where the opportunities lie and assess them. If it makes commercial sense to proceed with a technology driven initiative - then proceed,” he says. “But, if you can accomplish a very quick resolution with existing technology or people that will stay in place and continue to serve its purpose, then take that route.”

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