InLoop: innovative solutions to real-world problems


|Dec 10|magazine5 min read

(Norwich, UK, 10/12/2019)

Making the complex simple for businesses, clients, schools, parents, healthcare providers and patients, InLoop provides simple, effective and secure payment solutions across three brands: Flexischools, LanternPay and Nuonic.

Zubin Appoo joined InLoop in 2018, following a 15-year tenure as Innovation Manager at WiseTech Global. Currently focusing primarily on Flexischools as his area of expertise, Appoo explains that InLoop uses technology to “deliver solutions to the education and healthcare industries that others have not been able to do”. In cutting through the bureaucracy and identifying a problem that needs to be genuinely solved, InLoop’s platforms achieve the vital objective of helping real people with real, everyday issues. 

Flexischools allows parents to store funds, order and purchase from a broad range of suppliers across each specific school campus, provisioning services such as school lunches, uniforms, events and ticketing, fundraising and stationery amongst other things. For the last decade, the platform has grown to support more than a million registered users across Australia and is now turning its attention to enrolling a broader range of off-campus services to its base.

With regards to LanternPay, Appoo explains that it is a solution built around addressing problems around patients having easy access to the government healthcare funding that they are entitled to. 

“Our primary goal is to always help people manage their lives and deal with real-world problems,” Appoo says. “We’re not trying to be a bank, or to simply solve banking-related problems, we’re working to eradicate real issues and challenges in education and health, the biggest social sectors in the world.”

Harnessing technologies and working with great tech partners has been an essential factor in growing InLoop’s innovative product portfolio. “Technology allows us to solve issues that people previously haven’t been able to solve or had taken a lot of time to solve, in a much more streamlined, efficient, accurate and high-quality way.”

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