How KPMG has become a beacon of insight for New Zealand’s business landscape


|Sep 5|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 05/09/2018)

The CIO of KPMG New Zealand speaks exclusively to the Asia-Pacific Edition of Business Chief magazine.

Whilst undertaking a digital transformation of its own, KPMG NZ is helping New Zealand businesses navigate their own digital transformations.

Discussing what is known as the so-called ‘FANG’ effect CIO Cowan Pettigrew points out how industry behemoths are changing user experience expectations. Therefore, companies need to have a clear strategic vision if they wish to compete.

By taking a customer-centric approach, he believes that KPMG NZ is giving companies the helping hand they need to become truly digital.

“Businesses need to identify what problem they’re trying to solve before they search for technologies. Digital tools are only a plank or toolset that supports the wider goals of the firm,” says Pettigrew.

“KPMG NZ is on a journey towards becoming a sector-led, client-focused technology and data insights company for our clients

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