How Brightstar is making mobile technology accessible with its latest digital disruption


|Oct 5|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 5/10/2018)

Brighstar’s CIO, APAC, speaks exclusively to Business Chief and Gigabit magazines.

Handling over 80mn devices every year, Brightstar looks after every stage of a mobile device’s lifecycle for its customers.

Now, by undertaking a mammoth digital transformation, the company is rearchitecting its environment and moving away from a bespoke country or even singling customer solution to deliver a more unified platformer that still delivers customer-centricity.

This shift will ensure that regardless of where the company’s products are bought, the level of service will remain consistent.

Additionally, Brightstar is also strategically looking at how its services will touch not just its direct customers but also its customers’ customers.

“We’re not just more effectively servicing our customers, we’re also consistently delivering consistent services from one region to another,” said Mariela Millington, CIO APAC, Brightstar

“We now think about the user journey from a consumer experience perspective rather than from a Brightstar one; that's really helped us to connect with more businesses who want to include us in their users' journey and experience.”

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