Dole International reveals how the strategic deployment of technology is transforming procurement


|Aug 6|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/08/2019)

In this month’s Business Chief Asia and Supply Chain Digital, we talk to Arindam Sengupta, Vice President for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at Dole International to find out how technology is impacting the agribusiness industry. “Traditionally the agribusiness sector has been behind in terms of procurement practices,” he explains. “Partly that’s due to its complexity, but also to the fact that new technologies, digitalisation and everything else which has been applied in other industries has not been as developed on the agribusiness side.”

One such technological innovation Sengupta and Dole International are introducing is advanced data analysis for improved crop prediction. “To come up with a predictive model of demand and supply patterns globally and regionally is always a challenge. We have recently been working to develop a much more sophisticated model which not only uses historical data but incorporates many other factors. That includes farmer behaviour, demand in the market, inventory being held in different locations and markets, and how trends are changing in the industry in terms of consumption and crop growing, et cetera.”

The transformation is also embracing new methodology as well as technology, however, as Sengupta explains: “Typically, the same fruit is grown in the northern hemisphere in a different season compared to the southern hemisphere, so we’ve gone out to South America and South Africa to locate, identify and develop new sources to mitigate that risk.”

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