Digital Realty: Spearheading Sydney’s data centre market with digital disruption


|Dec 6|magazine5 min read

(Norwich, UK, 06/12/2018)

Having just opened its third Sydney facility, Digital Realty’s Director of Construction, Daniel Howard, discusses why it’s so important to the APAC footprint.

Holding more than 195 centres globally across over 30 markets throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, servicing top-tier clients such as Facebook, IBM, AT&T, LinkedIn and Equinix, its Sydney data centres are hugely important to its Asia-Pacific business. In addition, the SYD 11 – its new Digital Erskine Park 2 Data Centre – is the new kid on the block, following the adjacent SYD 10 facility.

“We're just finishing at the moment, putting the final polish on,” says Daniel Howard, Digital Realty’s Director of Construction APAC. “It's a two-story data centre and we are using the lightest technology in lithium battery UPSs, which has given us a much more streamlined footprint, so we can fit more power into a small space in comparison to our previous generation data centres, such as the SYD10 Erskine Park I facility.”

The next phase to be fitted-out with UPSs, generators and capacity is the ground floor, and that should be completed by the middle of next year. Interest in the building is off the scale due to Sydney being a global hotspot for innovation. It boasts the biggest tech start-up ecosystem in Australia and ranks 16th among 20 cities on the Start-up Ecosystem Index, with 64% of Australian tech startups in Sydney.

“The demand that's in the market in Sydney at the moment is unprecedented with regards to data centre capacity,” adds Howard. “This building may be completely filled up within a year of its opening, which is exciting in itself. We have existing customers that are energising or going live very soon after we hand it over to them, so we’ve fitted-out two of the six data halls and we're in discussions about the remaining four data halls to be leased.”

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