Delaware North features in the Australia & New Zealand edition of Business Chief


|Jul 12|magazine3 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/07/2018) Just over a century old, Delaware North is among the most admired hospitality groups in the world. Its Australian operations are diversifying and reducing procurement complexity is catalysing that process.

The business is in growth mode, having just purchased its first two pubs in Queensland. Thus far Delaware North had not owned any pubs or purely gaming operations in Australia, though it’s big in gaming in its other markets such as the US, explains Adrian Lorenzin, Director of Procurement. “The pubs and gaming sector is where we see significant growth coming from and we will look to expand our portfolio in the next few years.” He sees his role as to extract value from the A$100mn current annual spend by developing the procurement strategy and applying that to the growth business: “We expect our revenue will grow significantly in the next three years: procurement will play a major role in that.”

With pubs set to become a major business unit, Delaware North will be moving into a very closely regulated and compliance-based environment. This is an expansion that will need to be very carefully managed, though it will be a perfect marriage between the food and beverage core business and the gaming market. Exciting times for Adrian Lorenzin and his team, for whom this is about much more than scaling up an existing operation.

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