Cushman & Wakefield: Supply chain transformation: people, processes and systems


|Jul 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/07/2018) Global businesses have one thing in common – they need premises, offices, factories or shops. Totally dependent on getting the working environment right, securing and maintaining and managing those premises is unlikely to be their core business.

Turning to specialist services to source, negotiate and eventually manage their premises, whether these are rented, leased or owned, Cushman & Wakefield have sought to fill that gap. Situated in over 60 countries, amassing revenues of $5bn, its merger with real estate giant DTZ led the company to become the world's largest in this space.

With renowned clients, such as Unilever, Nokia, Zurich Insurance, Shell Oil and more, its procurement function manages up to 70% of the company’s revenue. Stuart Smith, Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) APAC, based at Cushman & Wakefield's Brisbane office, has sought to drive ANZ procurement capability development, as well as integrate APAC opportunities as part of its unified regional programme of procurement initiatives and maturing category strategies.

“We see our vendors as strategic partners to our own success. This is about more than saving money. It is about trying to line up functionality with company strategy, as an integral part of our clients' success. Seamlessness of expectations, transferred up and down the supply chain, is where I want procurement to go. Leveraging people, processes and systems, aligned with Cushman & Wakefield corporate policy, is the way to achieve this, says Smith.

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