Crown Worldwide Group: Personalising the customer journey


|Jul 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/07/2018) Increased globalisation has led individuals to frequently travel, relocate to other countries and explore worldwide employment opportunities.

Providing significant momentum for the transport and logistics sector, Hong Kong headquartered logistics company Crown Worldwide Group provides exceptional transportation, mobility, relocation, records and information management, logistics and storage services.

With a global footprint, its expansion has come organically from over 50 acquisitions. Supporting clients to relocate throughout the world, its record management capabilities also support corporations in the storage of hard copy and digital files.

“A further element in our portfolio is our fine arts logistics business, where we transport and store precious works of art – we even moved the Mona Lisa once,” adds Madrid.

“We concentrate our third-party logistics services in the Greater China region. We try to deal not with high-volume/low-margin-type goods, but specialise in high value segments such as cosmetics, high fashion and travel retail, all things that require a different level of performance and risk.

Providing real-time information, Crown has undergone in a systematic digitisation programme to overcome such complexities across its divisions.

“Such on-demand, personalised access of information, with services such as Netflix and Amazon, have been translated into the corporate world,” explains Patrick Kenning, Global Director for Crown Worldwide’s Intelligence Hub.

“Digitisation and innovation is helping us differentiate ourselves, add more speed, offer more flexibility and provide a personalised approach through our various business models.

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